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A new perspective

This week is my third week as Trim Healthy Mama, I am eating delicious chocolate, rich foods, Coffee with cream and I get to have carbs & healthy fats (separately) as well. My second weigh in this past Saturday showed no change in my weight and since seeing those numbers I have honestly been so discouraged, I lost 12 LBS in week 1, followed the plan to the tee in week 2 what went wrong? This week I have been thinking about perspective and today my new outlook finally hit me after dinner.

There are a few thing that you give up with THM processed flours, added sugar, & starchy veggies. While getting the hang of this the last few weeks I have spent a large amount of time in the kitchen cooking most of my food from  scratch so that it will for sure be on plan. We took the easy way tonight and got some KFC, I asked them to order me grilled and I would make a side salad with creamy Ranch dressing to go with it. I was pretty proud of myself for putting together a decent “S” meal at KFC . Yet as I sat at the dinner table tonight with my parents and my son I was feeling sorry for myself. The 3 of them had original recipe and potato wedges (MY FAVORITE I love potato’s in every form possible they are my weakness). I sat there sulking and dutifully eating my salad and grilled chicken which by the way was absolutely yummy. Thinking to myself ugh what was I thinking giving up my precious potatoes? This is just too hard I want potatoes! When I got up from the table I thought to myself Melissa you seriously need a new perspective! You see all I have been concentrating on is loss; be it weight loss,  or the loss of foods I love and found comfort in, but I have been ignoring all am I gaining with this journey!

  •  A new way of eating
  •  A new dress size
  • A new found passion for food the right way
  •  A new support group in my fellow Trim healthy Mama’s
  •  More energy than I have had in years
  •  A healthy, well-rounded way of eating
  • Control over my health
  • Control over my attitude & emotional eating
  • Opportunities to help other women and men who struggle with their weight & Health
  • An even closer relationship with my Sister Prettier (Diana) this  is by far the best “gain” of all!

I know that if I can keep going with this lifestyle of eating I will continue to gain positives in my life. I  also know that my weight loss will continue and my clothes sizes will continue to shrink, what i cannot do is get so wrapped up in the number on the scale that I  get discouraged and give up. I need to continue to look at the positive and what this lifestyle has given to me. I can’t wait to reach my goals. I can’t wait to prove my doctors wrong who told me I would never get this weight off and just to accept it at 18 years old. For the first time since that day I have hope to be at a healthy weight;  to be able to go shopping in a regular dress section and not be confined to the plus size section.  I am excited to see the new me, body and mind.

positive thought