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Make your electric pencil sharpener like new.

So the other day my daughter asked me to sharpen her pencil. This is what happened! UGH! IMG_00000643_hdr

So before I chunked the whole thing in the trash, I did what any normal person would do…I took it apart. Now don’t get upset, really all I had to do was pull the drawer out and remove the one screw. You know what I found out? That old blade was not sharp and it was even rusty! Here is what I did so that you can make your sharpener like new as well!


Here are the things that I used for this little project.

Small screw driver, tweezers, steel wool, new cheap handheld pencil sharpener.


1. Find where your blade mounts in your electric pencil sharpener. For mine I had to take out the batteries for safety and remove the drawer that holds the shavings. With my broken pencil I gently turned the blade so it faced me.

2. Remove the screw and blade. This is where the tweezers come in handy.




3. You can try and clean it up and replace it if you think that will fix the problem, if not continue to step 4.


IMG_00000647_hdr4. Grab some pencil sharpeners. Those little blades are standard in all of the sharpeners I had. Meaning I can go and buy a blade replacement on Amazon 3/$8.99 or I can pick up one for $1 in the school stuff at Target and just use that as a replacement blade. I happened to have a few that were laying around and I knew worked well.



IMG_00000648_hdr5. Remove the screw from the replacement blade.





6. Using tweezers, place blade and then screw into the electric sharpener.





Look now! All sharp and ready to go. The whole thing took around 10min including looking for all of the stuff.IMG_00000657_hdr

 You can thank me for saving you $30 in the comments below 😀

Love Di~