Sugar Free Teriyaki Marinade

 Growing up in the Chavez  family it was traditional for us to have Teriyaki everything… Steak, Chicken, Shrimp… You name it we marinaded it in teriyaki. It actually has become a bit of a jokebetween all of us. Needless to say I LOVE TERIYAKI! The only problem is that is it SUGAR filled and not so good for you! 

Well I have finally come up with the solution! 

imageSugar Free Teriyaki Marinade:

1/2 Cup Braggs Liquid Aminos

1/2 Cup Chicken Broth

2″ Piece of fresh ginger (finely minced) OR 2 Tsp Ground Ginger

1 TBS Minced Garlic

3 TBS THM Sweet Blend Or 5 TBS Truvia

1/2 medium yellow onion

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and pour over your favorite meat and let it marinade. I recommend over night.

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