Why I dry skin brush

I found dry skin brushing when I ordered the Total Workout set from Teresa Tapp’s website.  Her video demonstrated skin brushing and discusses why it is important. IMG_00000614_2

I am here to say that she is right! I started brushing in the fall of 2013. I had lost quite a lot on the Trim Healthy Mama Diet by that time, but I was not at goal. I was very worried about excess skin flaps. I have know people over the years that have lost a great deal of weight only to be dissatisfied with their bodies due to excess skin on their belly and arms. I knew that it couldn’t hurt to try this method so I began brushing twice daily.

The method is simple you brush fingertips to heart and toes to groin, going over each area several times in line with your heart or groin. If you have problem areas as I did you do circles then, brush across them. Here is a chart that I found helpful. 

Even a year ago when I started there was not much information on the whole thing. I knew that it would be worthwhile as I had massages that focused solely on my lymphatic system and I felt great afterward. I know that I tend to get puffy in certain places and have lymph nodes that are “clogged” because they are painful and I can feel them. Brushing has really helped me in that area. When I feel a painful node I brush below it to help it drain. 

Your lymphatic system is like the trashcan of your body; it helps carry waste out of your system yet has no pump to do so. Although being active can help your lymph system move things along; Things like jumping on a rebounder or trampoline, walking, even running are work because when your muscles contract, they help squeeze your lymph system. Sometimes they are just not enough. Skin brushing can also exercises the connective tissue that holds on your skin. It will cause your skin to shrink back to fit the muscle and fat on your body. It will stimulate new cell growth, and even can exfoliate (which is good news for me since I have very dry skin). No one likes the deflated balloon look! 

I have had great luck with brushing; I have lost a total of 60lbs and have gone from a size 20 to size 12 with NO loose skin anywhere. I wish I had taken pictures, but honestly I didn’t think that it was going to work! Before my diet, I had a very large stomach area, and  there is no reason that I shouldn’t have a skin flap there. Everywhere I have brushed my skin has gone back down to the appropriate size! 

Hope this helps you! 

~Love Diana

5 thoughts on “Why I dry skin brush

  1. Thank you. I do skin brush but not as regular as I should. Was and am curious if I’m consistent will I see a difference. I’m on my journey now to greater weight loss and helping others. I hope to share in a success like yours. But I was always taught everything to the heart. Your chart shows from belly button to brush down. Is brushing to the groin there going to help the “apron” flab?
    Curious & Thank you!!

  2. Will this work if you already have skin flaps? Would love to lose the belly “hanging” flesh. And can you do this to your neck or is the brush to rough for neck skin?

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