New Year, New Plan


Happy New Year from my home to yours! I am so excited to start a new year, but we can’t start something new with out reviewing the old right? As I look back over 2014 I see a year full of opposites! I went from Full time Nursing Student to Full Time Nurse! From living under my parents roof, to Living under my own roof! From being as unhealthy as possible, to being more healthy than I have ever been in my whole life! I lost 80 lbs in 2014, I also lost 6 Dress sizes and 2 shoe sizes. This is such an accomplishment after spending my whole life (both as a child, and adult) overweight and desperate to lose weight! I began my Trim Healthy Lifestyle on January 18, 2014. I planned every meal, and snack! I worked day and night on my weight loss and health. Boy oh boy did it pay off! 

Looking over this year made me realize there is still more to be done! I recently had a full thyroidectomy, and have just finished radiation therapy to treat the thyroid cancer that was diagnosed in November.  I have to get back to my most optimal health now, regain the health, energy, and stamina that I have recently lost. 

I think everyone starts their year with resolutions, it is a tradition is it not? This year i am resolute in the following: Improve my health by staying Trim & Healthy on plan. Meal Plan each week and follow my meal plan  Improve my spiritual life through mining the word of God daily & journaling on a daily basis.

I am writing these here so that I can look back at them, also to encourage others to do the same. We cannot hope to improve with out setting a standard to strive for. I may not be achieve perfection in these areas, but I know what I am striving for! 

 To that end I have created 3 weeks worth of Menu’s. Some of the recipes are my own, some are from my fellow THM Blogging Friends, and some are from the book. 

 Click here to down load: MENU

9 thoughts on “New Year, New Plan

  1. I have just discovered your menu plan. It is very helpful. Thanks so much for posting this! I wondered if there is a way to save a copy of this on my computer and then edit/tweek it to best fit my family? Is there a blank version? Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for sharing your plan. Some of your meals seem kind of light. But, you obviously have had success. I think I have been eating too much so I want to learn from someone who has lost with THM.

  3. I, too, am a Thyroid cancer survivor, and was recently (and with one small exception) given the “all clear”.
    I’m looking forward to losing this extra weight (because I gained 50 pounds in a year, testing began and cancer was discovered) and feeling like my old self.
    There are fantastic support communities. What’s Next and Livestrong are both full of survivors who really understand.
    I wish you the best!!

    1. thank you so much for the advice on the groups! I have been struggling so much with getting back to normal life.

  4. Thank you so much! By any chance do you have a link to the blank planning form? I think it is a great layout and would find the form very helpful.

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