cooking chicken breast in bulk

 I won’t pay for the “grilled” chicken that is already in a bag. I buy a large quantity of chicken breast and cook it all up at once. I slice or chop and freeze it, then pull out what I need! If you have a grill you can use that, but I cook it on my grill pan on the stove. 

Here is what I do step by step. It takes me about an hour from prep to washing pan.

I was all my breasts in a bowl. I didn’t take a picture of that 🙂




 Then I butterfly all my breasts so that they will cook more evenly and quickly. Just slide your knife halfway through the thickest part. 





This is what it looks like when you flip it open. 








I salt and use whichever seasoning I have on hand at the moment. You need to use quite a bit of seasoning and press into chicken as it will fall off a bit from cooking. You could also just use salt and leave off the seasoning until you use it, but I find I enjoy the flavor more this way.  










This is what it looks like when I flip it over. My grill pan is well seasoned and I don’t use oil to cook my chicken breasts so that they are the most versatile for use in later recipes. The juice in the chicken will help it release from the pan. If it doesn’t release, then it usually isn’t ready to be flipped over. I take my chickens temp to test if it is fully cooked in the center. There is a chart for meat temp here. 



Hope you enjoy this little tip and how to! 

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  1. Great idea, Melissa! I’m having a little difficulty being satisfied eating chicken right now, for some reason. Could you recommend spices? Which ones do you like? We do love hot, spicy foods. i feel the need to camouflage the actual chicken taste! Thanks!

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