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cooking chicken breast in bulk

 I won’t pay for the “grilled” chicken that is already in a bag. I buy a large quantity of chicken breast and cook it all up at once. I slice or chop and freeze it, then pull out what I need! If you have a grill you can use that, but I cook it on my grill pan on the stove. 

Here is what I do step by step. It takes me about an hour from prep to washing pan.

I was all my breasts in a bowl. I didn’t take a picture of that 🙂




 Then I butterfly all my breasts so that they will cook more evenly and quickly. Just slide your knife halfway through the thickest part. 





This is what it looks like when you flip it open. 








I salt and use whichever seasoning I have on hand at the moment. You need to use quite a bit of seasoning and press into chicken as it will fall off a bit from cooking. You could also just use salt and leave off the seasoning until you use it, but I find I enjoy the flavor more this way.  










This is what it looks like when I flip it over. My grill pan is well seasoned and I don’t use oil to cook my chicken breasts so that they are the most versatile for use in later recipes. The juice in the chicken will help it release from the pan. If it doesn’t release, then it usually isn’t ready to be flipped over. I take my chickens temp to test if it is fully cooked in the center. There is a chart for meat temp here. 



Hope you enjoy this little tip and how to! 

Why I dry skin brush

I found dry skin brushing when I ordered the Total Workout set from Teresa Tapp’s website.  Her video demonstrated skin brushing and discusses why it is important. IMG_00000614_2

I am here to say that she is right! I started brushing in the fall of 2013. I had lost quite a lot on the Trim Healthy Mama Diet by that time, but I was not at goal. I was very worried about excess skin flaps. I have know people over the years that have lost a great deal of weight only to be dissatisfied with their bodies due to excess skin on their belly and arms. I knew that it couldn’t hurt to try this method so I began brushing twice daily.

The method is simple you brush fingertips to heart and toes to groin, going over each area several times in line with your heart or groin. If you have problem areas as I did you do circles then, brush across them. Here is a chart that I found helpful. 

Even a year ago when I started there was not much information on the whole thing. I knew that it would be worthwhile as I had massages that focused solely on my lymphatic system and I felt great afterward. I know that I tend to get puffy in certain places and have lymph nodes that are “clogged” because they are painful and I can feel them. Brushing has really helped me in that area. When I feel a painful node I brush below it to help it drain. 

Your lymphatic system is like the trashcan of your body; it helps carry waste out of your system yet has no pump to do so. Although being active can help your lymph system move things along; Things like jumping on a rebounder or trampoline, walking, even running are work because when your muscles contract, they help squeeze your lymph system. Sometimes they are just not enough. Skin brushing can also exercises the connective tissue that holds on your skin. It will cause your skin to shrink back to fit the muscle and fat on your body. It will stimulate new cell growth, and even can exfoliate (which is good news for me since I have very dry skin). No one likes the deflated balloon look! 

I have had great luck with brushing; I have lost a total of 60lbs and have gone from a size 20 to size 12 with NO loose skin anywhere. I wish I had taken pictures, but honestly I didn’t think that it was going to work! Before my diet, I had a very large stomach area, and  there is no reason that I shouldn’t have a skin flap there. Everywhere I have brushed my skin has gone back down to the appropriate size! 

Hope this helps you! 

~Love Diana

Happy One Year Trimaversary!

Sistersphoto 2What a difference a year makes! I can’t believe that it has been a year since I started Trim Healthy mama! For 6 months before I started my Sister Diana had been hounding me (yes Diana you hounded me!) She even gave me the used car salesman speech “Melissa what can I do to help you get into this life style change?” For 6 month I made excuse after excuse, about why I couldn’t do this… I was too busy, too broke, too whatever to change. The bottom line is I wasn’t ready to take a leap and try again to lose weight. After 15 years of trying, and failing I had truly in my heart of hearts given up all hope that I would ever get bellow a size 24. That is until I finally sat down, and READ the book. I remember sitting in my parent’s living room with tears streaming down my face as I read this book that for the first time in my adult life gave me a hope of health, and weight loss.

The day before I started this journey my sister and I had taken a road trip to Austin and spent 90% of the time talking about this lifestyle, about how I could do it. We laughed and planned together for 4 hours down to Austin and 4 hours back. The next day I jumped 100% whole heartedly and never looked back, I attended my first North Texas Meeting of Trim Healthy Mama’s, and met some amazing ladies, who have supported me every step of this last year. I have to say a quick thank you to Teri, Cynthia, and Teresa. You ladies have encouraged and cheered me on this past year and I am so thankful for you! In my first week I ate! I actually was able to eat and eat well – all the while LOSING weight! I remember my mom actually calling my sister and asking her “Diana is Melissa supposed to be eating this much?” Diana Laughed and replied “Yes mom, she is supposed to eat and be satisfied!”

I lost 30 Pounds that first month and a half, and then another 30 by summer time, and then another 20 by my birthday! And by years end I had lost an accumulative 80 POUNDS! I started the year at a size 24 in clothes and ended in a 14/16! This wasn’t an easy year for me, there were times when I was frustrated, and would look at the scale and wonder why it wasn’t moving, I would feel sorry for myself and then remember where I started! I would look in the mirror or at a picture at times and think to myself “who is that person” I remember walking by a glass window and seeing my reflection and stopping and looking at myself. For the first time in my life I wasn’t ashamed of my reflection. I started the year pre-diabetic, hypertensive, and morbidly obese- I ended the year with perfect blood glucose levels, perfect blood pressure, and obese not MORBIDLY obese. I can run, and play with my son! I can clean my house and not be exhausted. I can stand for 8 hour shift at work and then come home and still stand and be a mom! I have so much energy it is amazing. After battling with thyroid cancer at the end of the year I made a decision: if I never lost another pound, I would still stay a trim healthy mama for life. Why? Because the HEALTH I have gained in this LIFESTYLE change is far more priceless and more valuable to me than ever losing another pound. I was able to undergo MAJOR surgery, and recover in a week, why? Because my body was healthy! This wouldn’t have been possible without Trim Healthy Mama. I am still recovering from surgery and cancer treatments right now and my energy levels are not where they were, I am positive that without my Trim Healthy Life, I would be leaps and bounds behind where I am right now. This isn’t a lose weight quick scheme, or an overnight change. This is a LIFESTYLE change. It takes time to learn this way of life, to cut out old bad habits and create new healthy ones. It took me a good couple of months before this life style became second nature. Not I can truly say Trim Healthy Mama for Life!


Here are my 10 favorite tips for success:

1) Read the book! I thought that this was way more complicated and difficult than it actually is, once I read the book it was exactly what it claims to be: “A common sense guide” to a healthy life! Pinterest, Bloggers & the Facebook groups are a great SUPPLEMENT to the TRIM HEALTHY MAMA book, but just like any supplement they will only get you so far! You have to go to the source if you want to TRULY be successful in this lifestyle.

2) Start making small changes as you read the book, cut out sugar & white flour, buy more fresh veggies, and start labeling your foods

3) Give recipes from the book a second try if you don’t like them the first time or a first try if you are like me and think to yourself “really cottage cheese?” I promise your taste buds change!

4) Take a before Picture and Measurements! The weeks that the scale wasn’t moving, looking at pictures of the day I started really helped me to see the change. Looking at my measurements also really helped encourage me also!

5) Pick a mini goal to achieve, when you achieve that pick a new one. I buy a super cute outfit in my next goal size, and hang it up in my room so that when I look at it every day I say to myself, I can’t wait to be able to wear that outfit! When you try it on and it fits, that feeling is priceless!

6) Make a list of things you want to be able to do, things that have NOTHING to do with a scale, or measurements! Here are a couple of mine: I want to walk to the park without using my inhaler, I want to wear a skirt without my thighs chaffing, I want to come home from a 12 hour shift and not have my back & knees hurt, I want to come home from work and have enough energy to play with my son.

7) Be kind to yourself! This is a learning process; it isn’t an overnight change for everyone. You didn’t form unhealthy habits in a day, or gain excess weight overnight… It is going to take time to break those habits! So be kind to yourself!

8) Plan what you are going to eat until it becomes second nature! I plan my Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and two snacks a day. It makes it easier because I don’t have to think when I am hungry- I just look at my menu! You can down load my blank menu plan here. Or here is a link to 3 weeks of completed menus to get your started.

9) Find a friend to do it with you & hold you accountable in the beginning! I couldn’t have done this without my sister there cheering me on and answering my four billion questions.

10) See one, Do one, Teach one… You’ve read the testimonies– you have learned to live this lifestyle—now teach someone else how to do it! Give someone a book, and help them to learn to be a Trim Healthy Mama or Man!


photo 5 photo 3side front

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s has been super cold here in Dallas, and what makes me feel more warm and cozy than Cookies? Not much! I had a huge cookie craving the other night, but I didn’t want just chocolate chip! I wanted Peanut Butter and chocolate chip! So I toyed with my Chocolate Chip Recipe and this is what I came up with… My 5 year old son Ethan said “Mom these are super yummy!” and then ate 4! the best part is these cookies are sugar-free, and packed with protein, and healthy fat! So I zero guilt enjoying them and ZERO mom guilt for letting Ethan eat to his hearts content!

For those of us who are following Trim Healthy Mama these cookies are a Satifying or S snack/Dessert. If you haven’t checked out THM yet and would like to know more, I highly encourage you to go to their Web Page. 



1/2 C Butter
1/4 C Natural Creamy Peanut Butter (Chunky would be great too) 

 3 TBS THM Sweet Blend      

1/8 Tsp black strap molasses
2 tsp Vanilla
2 Eggs
1/2 tsp Baking soda
1/2 tsp Salt
11/2 cups Blanched Almond flour   

1 Cup Defatted Peanut Flour
1 1/4 C Lilly’s (Stevia sweetened) Chocolate chips

Directions:                                                                                                                                                                                             Cream together Butter, Peanut Butter, and Sweet Blend Add Eggs, Molasses Vanilla & Salt
in a separate Bowl Mix Almond Flour, Defatted Peanut Flour, & Baking Soda. Then incorporate into wet ingredients a little at a time making sure they are mixed in completely.
Fold in chocolate chips and place in the fridge for 15 min to firm up
Roll into Balls about one inch in diameter and then flatten into perfect little circles place onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper (DO NOT grease it will cause the bottoms to burn)

Bake for 325° 15-18 min allow to cool and enjoy with a Trimachino Rich or a glass of almond milk. (MMMMM YUM)

*This post contains affiliate links we receive 5% of purchases from this link. it is no additional charge to you. *


Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
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Cook Time
15 min
Cook Time
15 min
  1. 1/2 C Butter
  2. 1/4 C Natural Creamy Peanut Butter (Chunky would be great too)
  3. 3 TBS THM Sweet Blend
  4. 1/8 Tsp black strap molasses
  5. 2 tsp Vanilla
  6. 2 Eggs
  7. 1/2 tsp Baking soda
  8. 1/2 tsp Salt
  9. 11/2 cups Blanched Almond flour
  10. 1 Cup Defatted Peanut Flour
  11. 1 1/4 C Lilly’s (Stevia sweetened) Chocolate chips
  1. Cream together Butter, Peanut Butter, and Sweet Blend Add Eggs, Molasses Vanilla & Salt
  2. in a separate Bowl Mix Almond Flour, Defatted Peanut Flour, & Baking Soda. Then incorporate into wet ingredients a little at a time making sure they are mixed in completely.
  3. Fold in chocolate chips and place in the fridge for 15 min to firm up
  4. Roll into Balls about one inch in diameter and then flatten into perfect little circles place onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper (DO NOT grease it will cause the bottoms to burn)
  5. Bake at 325° for 15-18 min allow to cool
Sister Uglier

Mel’s Taco Wings {S}

Every Wednesday I host a home group for my church, there are about 10 of us who meet together and pray, laugh (A LOT), and we dig into the word! This evening makes my whole week, it is by far one of my favorite days of the week. We also EAT! This week was my week to prepare dinner for everyone, and I wanted Wings! It helped that my local grocery store  had family packs on sale for $1.19 per pound! My mom makes the yummiest taco wings, growing up and they were one of my favorite treats! They were a little spicy, and had this yummy flavor. The only problem is that my mom’s wings were made with a prepackaged taco seasoning. Not so great for my Trim Healthy waistline. Pre-packed apices have sugar, & fillers that I no longer include in my regular diet. So I really only had one option! Recreate my own Taco seasoning!

Mel’s Sugar Free Taco Seasoning:


Two LB taco wings prepared

ÂĽ Cup Chili Powder

3 tsp Mineralized Salt (regular table salt is fine)

2 tsp. ground Black pepper

1 tsp. ground white pepper

3 TBS Paprika

2 TBS Garlic powder (Not Garlic Salt, or your wings will be WAY to salty)

2 TBS Onion Powder

3 TBS ground Cumin

ÂĽ tsp Cayenne Pepper (for some heat, add more or less to your preference)

½ tsp. THM Sweet Blend (1 tsp. for Truvia)

You just Measure, Pour into bowl and mix well. Keep it in an air tight container to prevent clumping. You could double or triple the recipe to keep on hand for easy access taco seasoning.

Now for the main event:

taco wingsMel’s Taco Wings (S)


4 lb Split chicken wings

½ Cup Melted Coconut Oil (Or Butter)

Full Recipe of Mel’s Taco Seasoning

Add melted coconut oil or butter to a large bowl, then mix in your Taco Seasoning and in your wings about ÂĽ of the batch at a time. Toss them around in the bowl until completely covered, repeat with remaining wings. Lay your wings out evenly on a foil covered baking sheet (this will take more than one sheet to do) cover with foil & bake at 325 for an hour, remove foil and bake for another 20 min. Allow a few minutes to cool, and then serve hot with your favorite ranch, celery & carrots (If you are a THM this is and S so watch how many carrots)  

New Year, New Plan


Happy New Year from my home to yours! I am so excited to start a new year, but we can’t start something new with out reviewing the old right? As I look back over 2014 I see a year full of opposites! I went from Full time Nursing Student to Full Time Nurse! From living under my parents roof, to Living under my own roof! From being as unhealthy as possible, to being more healthy than I have ever been in my whole life! I lost 80 lbs in 2014, I also lost 6 Dress sizes and 2 shoe sizes. This is such an accomplishment after spending my whole life (both as a child, and adult) overweight and desperate to lose weight! I began my Trim Healthy Lifestyle on January 18, 2014. I planned every meal, and snack! I worked day and night on my weight loss and health. Boy oh boy did it pay off! 

Looking over this year made me realize there is still more to be done! I recently had a full thyroidectomy, and have just finished radiation therapy to treat the thyroid cancer that was diagnosed in November.  I have to get back to my most optimal health now, regain the health, energy, and stamina that I have recently lost. 

I think everyone starts their year with resolutions, it is a tradition is it not? This year i am resolute in the following: Improve my health by staying Trim & Healthy on plan. Meal Plan each week and follow my meal plan  Improve my spiritual life through mining the word of God daily & journaling on a daily basis.

I am writing these here so that I can look back at them, also to encourage others to do the same. We cannot hope to improve with out setting a standard to strive for. I may not be achieve perfection in these areas, but I know what I am striving for! 

 To that end I have created 3 weeks worth of Menu’s. Some of the recipes are my own, some are from my fellow THM Blogging Friends, and some are from the book. 

 Click here to down load: MENU